Preparing to begin the most Holy Week of the year

03-22-2015Fr. Michael Straley


Next weekend we begin our most Holy Week of the year with the celebration of Passion Sunday. Remember that we begin our Masses outside with the blessing of the palms and then process, as the disciples did with Jesus, into the church, our Jerusalem. With this joyful entry, we then prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

If Lent has not been a special time for you, if you have not accomplished what you hoped for this Lent, do no give up and do nothing. Now is the time to spend a week, now just a week, preparing for Holy Week.

I always look forward to celebrating this special time with you; as a community we have always had wonderful celebrations. This year will be Fr. Keith's first time as a priest which will have special significance for him, and for us.

Let us intensify Lenten week ahead together.

Pax, Fr. Mike