A Pentecost Prayer

05-24-2015Fr. Michael Straley


The Jesuit theologian, Fr. Karl Rahner wrote this prayer:

"Lord, today is Pentecost. Today we celebrate the day on which you, raised above the highest heavens and seated at the right hand of the Father, poured out the spirit of promise upon us, so that you would remain by your spirit with us all the days until the end and so that by it you might continue in us your life and death for the glory of the Father and for our salvation.

Lord, look at the spirits that press upon us (today) and grant us the spiritual gift of discernment. What a fitting gift for Pentecost this would be!

Grant us the understanding, validated by daily life, that by looking at and longing for you, we may experience your spirit emerging as the spirit of calm, of peace and confidence, of freedom and simple clarity, while all unrest and fear, narrowness and leaden pride are recognized as at most our own spirit or the one of the d eep dark.

It is Pentecost, Lord. Your men and women servants are praying that you make them capable of the boldness that you ask of them. Let it be Pentecost in us also, now and forever. Amen."

Fr. Mike